After-sale service
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Sale service:

Transportation arrangement;

Pre-examination of products;

Introduction of AHI customer service system.

After-sale service:

Equipment installation;

On-site training of operators;

On-site trouble solving in a fast and initiative manner;

Warranty of facilities delivery;

Technical exchange opportunities.

Extra service:

On-site mining service with no distance;

Constant operator training club;

Conduct overhaul operations;

Regular equipment inspection service;

Regular professional maintenance standards.

Other service:

In addition to product sales, we offer the following free trial and customized service:

a)        Operating leases: to provide a full range of engineering and transport services. To provide customers with equipment and operating personnel, spare parts, etc., and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the tub.

b)        Finance lease: to provide users with financing solutions to address user funding problems.

c)        Maintenance services: maintenance, maintenance, spare parts and other integrated services.

d)       Others: providing tub upgrading, re-orientation of the development of special equipment manufacturing and services.


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